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Yes, I cut off my hair. But let me tell you why..

I haven’t felt like myself in a really long time. I have been fighting, and I mean fighting fibromyalgia. My physical health is taking a toll, and as a result: I’ve lost a lot of physical energy and strength. Therefore resulting in exhaustion, loss of appetite, stress, endless frustration, insomnia, and leading to hair loss. That’s why I cut my hair.

Ever since my dad died when I was young, I’ve always held my fists up ready to fight back whatever life threw at me. I thought I was invincible to anything that life threw my way. It wasn’t until I began suffering with fibromyalgia, that I now unfortunately understand excruciating physical pain.

I’m not posting this for attention or sympathy. I’ve always been a firm believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone, and being brave. I want to be brave, and share my love and bring awareness to those who also suffer with fibromyalgia. You are not alone.

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