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My Week with Covid-19.

Happy New Year! It’s been a minute since I have written a blog and checked in. I really rang in the New Year.. With Covid. Let me tell you, the last 8-9 days have felt like a month. I have been in complete isolation with my dog, and my bird. It brought me back to the beginning of COVID and it’s challenging and strict lockdown. It was a true test to my mental health.

When I went and got tested, it was an absolute nightmare. Testing sites in Arizona are really struggling right now, so I drove to one I thought was a drive through site, turns out, myself and hundreds of other sick people stood in a line that was 5 hours long from when I got there. People brought chairs, and as the sun went down, it got pretty cold. I found a scarf in my car, and everybody else improvised as well. When I left around 8PM, there was still a really long line that was probably there for another 2-3 hours..

Throughout the week, I experienced cold-like symptoms, and chronic fatigue.. More than usual. It took me three days to load the dishwasher, because I couldn't finish a task without wanting to just lay back down.

I eventually lost my taste and smell, and panicked, because I wasn’t sure if it was permanent. I’ve read horror stories that some people have not had their smell or taste return. I went around and smelled different candles, perfumes, lotions, and spices in my house that I could usually smell, and I have been keeping a log of how they smell. Each day has been different. I actually cried when I could not smell peanut butter. Peanut butter is one of my favorite things in the world, and I was not ready to give that up.

In the beginning of COVID, isolation brought out and challenged my mental illness. I was worried that it would happen again, and I am really relieved that it did not. I kept with a consistent routine everyday. I tried to do small tasks and chores around my house, I listened to music, watched a few things in my Netflix list, and meditated before I fell asleep at night. I have to give a shoutout to my dog, Bowser. He stuck right by my side the entire time I was sick. No matter how long I slept, he slept. He found ways to make me smile.

Sometimes when I couldn’t sleep, I would watch musicals and sing along, and he didn't leave the room like anyone else would have.

Friends, make time for rest for your body, or your body will make time. I had to clear out a really busy schedule, and I realized during this challenging isolation, that self-care needs to be a priority. Be safe out there, take care of yourselves, and be kind.

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