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"Talia has demonstrated a larger spiritual understanding than her years suggest."

At fifteen years old, my dad passed away unexpectedly. I was emotionally and physically bullied in school. As I experienced this great loss, and significant pain, it brought me to a higher appreciation for wisdom and healing. I decided not to fall the same way as everyone else did through life’s greatest trials. Instead, I took all of my pain and channeled it into passionate writing and pearls of wisdom. I wrote my first book at sixteen years old and have taken to writing for my own healing and to share inspiration for others in need of love, healing, and wisdom.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with mental illness, and I experience chronic pain as a result. I know many people can relate with the pain, exhaustion, and feeling debilitated. I experience all of this and more on a daily basis. Part of my new journey is to introduce myself and bring my shadows of mental illness into light, and hopefully bring hope to someone else to face their darkness and struggles like I have. 

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